Hesco Mildura Pty Ltd
20 - 22 Eighth St
Mildura, Victoria
Australia   3500

P.O. Box 1665
Mildura, Victoria
Australia   3502

Ph:(03) 5023 0597
Fax:(03) 5021 1287

Vineyard Equipment Australia

fork mounted bin tipperFork Mounted Bin Tipper
The Hesco fork mounted bin tipper is a solid constructed unit that can be fitted to
all forklift assemblies with minimal fuss. Just inform us of your forklift or tractor fork
type and we can either build the correct mounts or install it for you.

forklift mounted bucketFork Mounted Bucket
The Hesco forklift mounted bucket is a rigid constructed bucket designed to suit
all forklift assemblies with minimal fuss. Just inform us of your forklift type and your
new bucket will be build to bolt straight into place.

cane stripper cane removerCane Stripper / Cane Remover
An essential piece of time and money saving vineyard equipment for effortless
removal of post pruning
vine canes. Our cane stripper's rock solid design and
construction will make it your perfect partner this pruning season

hydraulic post driverHydraulic Post Driver
A fast, effective heavy duty hydraulic post driver, this unit has a 230kg solid
steel driving hammer that can drive a variety of post length and diameters
into a varied range of soil types.

mac rotary weederMac Rotary Weeder
The Mac Rotary Weeder is a unique Australian patented design that was first
thought of and developed right here in Sunraysia.This incredibly effective money
saving piece of equipment
is a must for complete cost effective weed control.

tractor mounted forkliftsTractor Mounted Forklifts
Heso has a quality range of locally manufactured forklifts to suit virtually all
makes and models of tractors. The Hesco folklift assembly has a proven track
record of being a robust and durable piece of equipment.

undervine sweeperUndervine Sweeper
Hesco manufacture a high quality under vine sweeper in a standard forklift mounted
model to a double mounted sweeper with phasing cyclinders for equal movement in
and out.

vine cutter barsVine Cutter Bars
Hesco's Vine Cutter Bars were developed 20 years ago. Since then they have
been modified and improved to provide a piece of topping, skirting and pruning
equipment that is constructed of high quality materials and has minimal moving parts.

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