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Hesco(Cane Stripper)


The Hesco cane stripper, developed locally in Sunraysia was originally designed for the dried fruit industry to strip canes 'Pull Out' on sultanas before going through and pruning them.

Over the years it has been developed into one of the most useful, cost effective, labour saving machines available to the fresh fruit grower. Its effectiveness is due to the rotating blades that run along the wire stripping 80 - 100% of canes that have been rolled on, proving successful on all varieties including the very vigorous Minindee Seedless.

The Hesco cane stripper can be either rear mounted off the 3 point linkage or front mounted off a forklift assembly.

It comes with a independent hydraulic power pack to run the cane stripper head. Lift and lift operators are connected to the tractors remotes.

The price of the unit includes fitting and a demonstration for customers in the Sunraysia district.

For those outside of Sunraysia detailed instructions on the fitting of the unit is supplied.


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Specifications & Capacities

Click here to download (caneStripper.exe) a 12 sec AVI movie of the Hesco Cane Stripper in action.

(please note that this is a 3.49MB movie and will take approximately 15 - 20 min to download with a standard 56Kb dial-up Internet connection.)Once downloaded double left clik on the file and click the Unzip button. The AVI movie will be placed on your desktop in a folder called Hesco Cane Stripper.

To view this movie you will need to have Windows Media Player or some other type of media player that supports the AVI file format installed on your computer.