Hesco Mildura Pty Ltd
20 - 22 Eighth St
Mildura, Victoria
Australia   3500

P.O. Box 1665
Mildura, Victoria
Australia   3502

Ph:(03) 5023 0597
Fax:(03) 5021 1287

Hesco (Under Vine Sweeper)


Hesco manufacture a high quality under vine sweeper in a standard forklift mounted model to a double mounted sweeper with phasing cyclinders for equal movement in and out. Each unit comes with its own lifting fram custom made to suit your tractor model and vine row widths.

Sweeper heads can be purchased on their own for the grower to mount on their own equipment.

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Specifications & Capacities

Brush Diameter
850 mm

Brush Height
260 mm

  • Brushes can be all Poly or Poly/Wire combination
  • Trippled lipped sealed bearings are used and a dust cover is fitted for longer life.
  • The sweeper has an sdjustment bracket for tilting forward and back and left to right.
  • The double sweeper has spring return brackets fitted
  • Flow rate required for sweeper is 27 litres per min.