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Vine Cutter Bars (Topping Machine)


Hesco have been manufacturing cutter bars for over twenty years. In that time we have progressed to our later models which can cut green canes and also prune your vines.

The blades are a one piece design, and are cut out of sheets of Bisalloy (spring steel) by laser.

The machines come standard with 2 x 2.6 metre hydraulic hoses. There are two lengths available, 48 inch and 54 inch, longer machines can be made which can be used to trim or skirt citrus or stone fruit trees.

Please Note: The minimum oil flow required by the vine cutter bar is 7 gallons or 32 litres per min.

Models Available:

2 Models are available, these are medium duty and heavy duty. They are designed for topping light pruning and heavy pruning. Both types of cutter bars can be fitted with a cane lifter as an option. These have flow dividers fitted so you can regulate the fingers cutting speed.

HMD48 - Medium Duty 48" Cutter Bar
HHD48 - Heavy Duty 48" Cutter Bar
HMD54 - Medium Duty 54" Cutter Bar
HHD54 - Heavy Duty 54" Cutter Bar


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Specifications & Capacities

  • Hesco Vine Cutter Bars are made from Bisalloy (spring steel)

  • The spring provides years of long life for the cutting blades.

  • Blades are cut to shape by laser to provide a precision fitting machine.

  • Blades are lubricated by eight grease nipples.

  • There is one moving blade. Blades have angle cuts on the cutter teeth to provide a clean cut.

  • Hydraulic motors are low speed high torque to provide ample cutting power to the blades.

  • Each machine is fitted with a 8mm tension spring which allows the cutter bars to be pushed back if you accidentally hit a solid obstruction. This will help avoid damage to the machine.

  • The mounting disc has a series of holes drilled into it to allow a 360 degree movement.

  • If blades become bent they may be straightened.

Optional Extras:

HTM009 - Cane Lifter
HTM010 - Cutter Bar Mounting Bracket to Suit Forklift Assembly