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MAC Rotary Weeder


mac rotary weederThe Mac Rotary Weeder is a revolutionary patented Australian mechanical weeder, that when combined with a hydraulic power pack makes the removal of weeds from between vines and posts a quick and effortless process.

The Mac Rotary Weeder has many benefits over the conventional Silly Plough AKA (Vine dodger, Knife). These include extremely effective and complete removal of weeds around vines, guard ring to prevent the blade from damaging the vine and its root systems, easy intergration with your existing hydraulic plough arm and a ridged construction for many years of successful cost effective weed control.

mac rotary weeder arm   mac rotary weeder head

Reducing your Changeover Costs:

Changing over from your convential plough to the Mac Rotary Weeder can work out cheaper than you think. As mentioned above the Mac Weeder will intergrate with your existing plough by simply removing your old plough head and replacing it with the Mac Rotary Weeder head. (requires a hydraulic power pack) This can save you over half of the cost of a complete unit.

Proven Results:

Before After
before mac weeding after mac weeding


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What Makes the Mac Rotary Weeder so Unique Over All Other Rotary Weeders?

  • Proven Performance
  • Has the ability to replace - 'silly plough' - 'knife' and 'throwing on disc'
  • Attaches to most undervine weeders
  • No pertruding blabes
  • Does not damage the root system of plant being weeded
  • Removes all debris from under vines
  • Up to 100% weed kill
  • Capable of working in all soil structures wet or dry
  • Able to weed in extremely dense grass conditions
  • Capable of creating an un-broken furrow for irrigation
  • Self cleaning of all weeds and debris
  • Capable of 'Wind Rowing' weeds at high speeds
  • Maintenance is kept to a minimum

Advantages of Mac Weeding Compared
to Weedicides

  • Low cost weed control
  • No chemical residue
  • No 'hit and miss' weed control (dependant on weather conditions)
  • No panning of soil beneath vine plant
  • No build up of canes and debris
  • Removes all weeds regardless of type (eg: - three corner jacks)
  • No need for elevated bank